Item Code: #MYG0402
Title: Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns
Type: Accessory
Author: Peter M. Ball, Ryan Z. Nock, & Russel Morrissey
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games / Natural 20 Press
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Let the Games Begin!

The book of "games within the game" for the d20 system. Inside you will find:
Rules for over 20 games PCs can play!
Archery contests, Arm wrestling, fantasy jousts, it's all here!
Several pre-built fairs and tavern locations!
Exotic fantasy games!
Tavern games of dice and cards. Plenty of ways for your PCs to gamble!
New feats and skill uses with an eye towards gaming!
Plus so much more!

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