Item Code: #FAF2008
Title: Treasure Quests
Type: Adventure Anthology
For: 1st level and up
Author: James M. Ward
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 160-page enclosed spiral-bound hardback book
So Many Adventures!

You approach a wide, squat tower. Crossbowmen peek out from behind its crenelations. A purple banner flies over the tower, snapping loudly in the wind. A deep, wide ditch surrounds the tower, and the only way across is a narrow stone bridge. At its far end stand a small gatehouse where two men, livened in purple, are on watch. What are you going to do?

So Little Time To Collect All The Treasures!

Treasure Quests presents a tremendous variety of linked adventures for d20 System play. All set in a fantasy universe, each encounter has a complete map and game details, including extensive game statistics, presented in an easy-to-use lay-flat format. Open the book and it stays open right where you want it! Each thrilling adventure can easily occupy an entire evening of role-playing action, but taken together Treasure Quests becomes an entire campaign. The better part of a character's adventuring life can be spent defeating the enemies and gathering the treasures herein, and any who survive these depths of danger will be hailed throughout the lands!

Let the trumpets sound! Take up your arms! If you are brave, then embark on these Treaure Quests!

Treasure Quests

A huge series of adventures beginning with low-level encounters in a country village and ultimately ending in awesomely powerful challenges for high levels characters.

The lay-flat, ring binding is perfect for the game master's use. Open it to any two-page spread, every one designed for a night of exciting adventure!

Well-guarded treasures fill this book, but the real adventure is trying to collect all the hidden treasures of ancient heroes. Centuries ago a band of three brave heroes cleansed the land of evil. Their legacy in the form of ancient magical items, is waiting out there for new heroes to find.

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Treasure Quests is a d20 System product detailing dozens of linked adventures. These begin with low-level adventures perfect for the first time player or game master, then carefully details an entire campaign of adventuring through middle-level quests, ultimately to combat with demons, devils, and a trio of awesomely powerful lichs!

About the Authors:

Treasure Quests
emerged from a team of highly experienced designers led by Fast Forward Entertainment's James M. Ward and Timothy Brown. Contributions from Eric Haddock, Kurt Hausheer, Timothy Kidwell, Joel Kinstle, David Lyons, Michelle, Lyons, Kevin Melka, and Jakko Westerbeke round out a series of exciting adventures suitable for a single night's gaming or an entire campaign!

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