Item Code: #DD29
Title: Traps & Treachery II
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Format: 176-page perfect-bound hardback book
The characters might rest between adventures, but their adversaries don't....

  • More than 150 complete descriptions of magic and mechanical traps
  • Dozens of beautiful illustrations detailing the mechanisms behind these sinister creations
  • Tricks and techniques for making traps even more difficult to bypass
  • Rules for poison rarity, two new types of poisons, and more than 80 detailed listings of new poisons, natural and supernatural alike
  • A chapter devoted to unique puzzles and challenges to test the abilities of both the players and their characters

" Traps & Treachery is a proud addition to my gaming shelf. You should go and buy this book."

Monte Cook, Game Designer, Malhavoc Press

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