Item Code: #COL5072
Title: Trobridge Inn: Pepper & Spice
Type: Adventure
For: 1st-5th level characters
Author: N. Robin Crossby & Edwyn Kumar
Published: 2001
Publisher: Columbia Games
Format: 18 cardstock sheets w/cover
Trobridge Inn is an exciting adventure module that brings players to a frontier outpost and involves them in intrigue and terror. Diplomacy and strength are essential skills for survival.

The site is a fortified inn and key layover for caravans on the main trail between eastern and western Hârn. The inn lies on the western edge of Chelmarch, a vast territory claimed by the Kingdom of Kaldor, but controlled by the warlike Chelni barbarians. The Thardic Senate also covets Trobridge.

Trobridge is controlled by two rival factions. Terlin Wesindan holds the inn and employs mercenaries to oppose Kurson Ondailis, a warlord who exacts tribute from locals and caravans.

Into this volatile situation arrive two official embassies, a herald from Kaldor and a seductive priestess from Tharda. They have come to see if Kurson Ondailis is strong enough to control Trobridge. Complicating matters, a mad priest appears with summoned Vlasta, and warring barbarian tribes may destroy Trobridge.

Pre-Generated Characters

Trobridge includes fifteen (15) pre-generated characters with HârnMaster and d20 stats.

A medieval environment designed specifically for fantasy gaming and suitable for ANY rule system.

Run your epic quests within a believable, stable, and rational world that could exist.

Quality, detail, and consistency are our hallmarks. Nothing is better.

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