Item Code: #LI1450
Title: Twin Crowns: Age of Exploration Fantasy
Type: Accessory
Published: 1st print - June 2001
Publisher: Living Imagination Inc.
Format: 294-page perfect-bound book

Welcome to the Age of Exploration!

Ptalmanar is a world of uneasy balance. It was created by gods who do not just coexist but stand eternally linked on a heavenly wheel where each one sits opposite its enemy, holding the wheel in balance. At the center of the known world lies a continent where two empires stand, tied by history and by blood, both on the battlefields and in the veins of their royalty, who follow the example of the gods and sit in opposition to each other. In these two culturally rich empires the pantheon's strength is so great that a church can be as important as a fortress and a cathedral is often more a center of power than a castle.

And time sails forward:
While the two empires hold true to the old ways of human rule, relying on the sword, the spell, and the holy symbol to maintain the balance...

Ptalmanar's edges hum with advancement:

The lands that surround the imperial continent are mysterious and strange. Sailing ships of exploration and warfare have become great celebrity, as they develop technology quickly, seeking to expand the holdings of their empires, and give hope and excitement to a tired people. The strange races of Ptalmanar are much freer outside of the empires, where they can wield their unique strengths without suspicion. On the seas each captain wears a spyglass on one hip and a pistol on the other, and in the other lands of Ptalmanar the origins and mysteries of the world wait to be discovered.

Twin Crowns: Age of Exploration Fantasy is a Dungeons & Dragons rules supplement and full campaign setting containing:
A rich and complete world with detailed geographic and culturual information
Not just a new pantheon, but an elaborate cosmology and system of religion that goes way beyond the cleric and the paladin
A complete system for naval travel and combat
An elegant ritual system expanding both arcane and divine powers
Four new races
Dozens of new feats, skills, spells, and prestige classes
Brand new magic items and monsters unique to Ptalmanar

Twin Crowns: Age of Exploration Fantasy is designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition. To make full use of this book you also need the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual.
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