Item Code: #MGP9005
Title: Ultimate Arcane Spellbook
Type: Accessory
Author: Richard Neale
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 256-page perfect-bound hardback book
From the bard who travels far and wide across the land, bringing wisdom and tales to the common folk, to the powerful wizard who hold sway over vast tracks of land by sole virtue of his arcane might. Magic is an integral part of many a fantasy campaign, be it limited or limitless. Those who wield it are met throughout the lands they travel with awe, suspicion and occasionally fear. Tales of evil sorcerers abound and legends are beset with reference to mighty warrior mages. Despite this, however, one thing is certain; it is not magic that is powerful, in and of itself, it is more accurately, how it is used. Even the most powerful of mages can be toppled by an inventive spellcaster, no matter their power. Knowledge is power, nothing more so than magic bears testament to the truth of that statement.

The Ultimate Arcane Spellbook has been developed to aid both players and Games Masters alike as they venture into a wider and more magical world. Presented herein are a wealth of spells and information designed specifically for spellcasters, be they heroes or villains.

Presented alphabetically for speed and ease of reference and fully compatible with the latest revision of the d20 system, the Ultimate Arcane Spellbook is a tome of knowledge no gaming table should be without.

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