Item Code: #GRR1304
Title: The Unholy Warrior's Handbook
Type: Accessory
Author: Robert J. Schwalb
Published: 2003
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 80-page perfect-bound book

Last year Green Ronin's critically acclaimed Book of the Righteous introduced the holy warrior, a customizable core class that lets you build unique paladins for all the good gods of your campaign. But what of the gods of evil? Surely they are not without their devoted champions, their anti-paladins? Enter the Unholy Warrior, a towering figure of depravity and unspeakable evil. He wields fire and sword in the name of dark masters, spreading blood and terror in equal measure. The Unholy Warrior's Handbook gives you everything you need to introduce this core class to your campaign, including:

  • 4 new prestige classes, including the Angel Hunter and the Knight of Bedlam.
  • 21 unholy warrior domains and their associated special abilites.
  • 25 new feats, including Blasphemer and Reckless Attack.
  • A plethora of new spells and magic items.
  • Dark masters and unholy orders: the gods and fiendish powers of evil and the unholy warriors that serve them.
  • New and variant mounts, such as the Carrion Crow and the Mammoth of Baal.
  • Rules for fallen paladins and redeemed unholy warriors.
  • Deliciously evil art from James Ryman, Storn Cook, Toren "Macbin" Atknson, David Griffith, and Brit Martin.
The perfect complement to the Book of the Righteous, Legions of Hell, and Armies of the Abyss, The Unholy Warrior's Handbook takes an unflinching look at evil's most dedicated servants.

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