Item Code: #AEG8349
Title: Unspoken Shame
Type: Adventure
For: Levels 3-5
Author: Andrew Getting
Published: 2002
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
Lord Jingoro has been many things in his past. While he was but a youth, the voices of his ancestors guided and supported him. As a man, he fought with unparalleled skill and valor. As a general, he led armies to victory in the emperor's name. As a daimyo, he has faced treason, famine, plague, and war, battling each in turn.

Never before has Lord Jingoro known fear. His ancestors have always granted him their strength and wisdom. Regardless of the nature of his turmoil, these great spirits have always stood beside him. Until now.

Nightmares plague Lord Jingoro - nightmares of his ancestors meeting their ends, not as the histories say they did, but as cowards and men without honor. As he sees each of this idols topple one by one, his own resolve founders. Soon his enemies realize his weakness, and exploit it to their own ends.

As madness dogs his footsteps, the daimyo calls upon his most loyal servants to aid him in uncovering the mysteries of his ancestors... and undoing their most tragic mistake.

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