Item Code: #APL929
Title: Viking Age: Roleplaying the Myths, Heroes & Monsters of the Vikings
Type: Accessory
Author: John R. Phythyon, Jr. and Dr. Mike Bennighof
Published: 2003
Publisher: Avalanche Press, Ltd.
Format: 192-page perfect-bound book
For the glory of Odiin...

They were bloodthirsty. They were savage. And they dominated Northern Europe in the Ninth and 10th Centuries. They were the Vikings, and they had just one goal: to die heroically so that they could enter Valhalla and serve Odin in the last battle, Ragnarok.

Avalanche Press brings you the most complete RPG book on Norse mythology ever. Learn about Norse culture, Viking warfare, and the special magic known as sejdr. Take the roles of a crazed berserker, a wise rune-caster, or one of the gods. Viking Age offers right new character classes, a host of new Skills and Feats, and two new magic systems. Take your d20 campaign to a whole new level of adventure, playing a Norse god trying to stave off Ragnarok. Packed with historical information and new rules, this is the definitive RPG book on Vikings and their gods - how the lived, how they fought, and, most importantly, how they died.

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