Item Code: #CIT111
Title: Way of the Witch
Type: Accessory
Author: Janet Pack, Jean Rabe, Megan C. Robertson, Christina Stiles
Published: 2003
Publisher: Citizen Games
Format: 104-page perfect-bound hardback book
Way of the Witch: The First Word on Witches!

"Congratulations," the scholar said. "You're a witch."
"I'm a what?" Despite her control, Mirelle's voice bounced off the inn's corner louder than she'd intended. Several people looked in her direction.
"Careful," cautioned Calatin.
"But that can't happen, can it?" the bard asked, modulating her voice. "I'm not even Myrran!"
"Doesn't matter. The Craft takes its members from anywhere, at any time. You are a Chosen of the Goddess Ga-sta now. You are of the blood. How does it feel?"

--The scholar Calatin to the Bard Mirelle

Written by novelists Jean Rabe and Janet Pack, D20 author Christina Stiles, and newcomer Megan Robertson, the Way of the Witch details Myrra's most unusual and gifted spellcasters: witches. Usable in any campaign, this book includes the following:

  • The new witch core class
  • Four witch prestige classes: the brown, white, gray, and black witches
  • New familiars
  • New feats and skills
  • New magic rules including spells, rituals, and candle magic
  • Rules for combining magic
And much more!

Welcome to the world of witches. Let there be only truth between us, my friend.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast

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