Item Code: #DKP001 (WR1)
Title: White Robes, Black Hearts: Enigma of the Arcanexus
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 characters, levels 3-5
Author: Robert Blezard, Tony Bounds and Darrin Drader
Published: 2003
Publisher: Dark Portal Games
Format: 112-page perfect-bound book
Hark! Hark!

A Kingdom has fallen!

A Kingdom has fallen!

The sovereign kingdom Calrendia has been conquered by the Empire of Mhul. As freedom fighters amass under new leadership, the party is asked to undergo a dangerous quest to unearth an item that will expose the very source of Mhul's power. Their journey will take them through one of the largest cities in Arekoz, into a most unusual mausoleum, through the badlands of Gamarr, and beyond!

"White Robes, Black Hearts: Enigma of the Arcanexus" is a series of interconnecting adventures set against the backdrop of The Lands of Arekox.
The first in the "White Robes, Black Hearts" trilogy, this module may be used independently, or as part of the larger campaign.
Plenty of challenges for players await, including numerous puzzles, layers of intrigue, and copious amounts of monster bashing!

Also within this book you'll find:

1 new spell * 6 new monsters

A new monstrous template * 1 new weapon type

and 10 new magic items!

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