Item Code: #AEG8517
Title: Wilds
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 176-page perfect-bound book

I'm sure the mountains doesn't pose much of a threat at all. There's nothing out there aside from a few clans of barbarian dwarves, the odd goblin tribe, and a few rogue earth spirits. Little danger to those such as you who wear stour armor, carry sharp swords, and wield mighty spells. Of course, you might accidentally stumble into a patch of fire vines and be forced to take off your armor when your skin breaks out in festering blisters. The goblins are little match in a stand-up fight, but if they drop boulders on you like they usually do those swords will only weight you down as you try to run away. As for your spells, a blast of fire might singe the dwarf berserkers, but the explosion is liable to bring half the mountain down on your head.

As I said, you shouldn't have much to fear. The dwarves are fools who gladly throw themselves on spears and lances, the goblins are poorly trained and flee at the first sign of danger, and the earth spirits are no match for your spells.

-Olaf Stonestrider, Ranger of the Peaks


This sourcebook expands the venues of adventure, presenting an array of hostile environments for your wilderness campaigns. From the tundra's deadly cold to the desert's searing heat, the wilderness offers dangers and threats that make an angry ogre or hungry troll look like a pushover. With the rules and advice outlined here, DMs can design adventures that emphasize the environment's daunting challenges and strange, wondrous realms.

Leave the dungeon behind.


Over 80 new feats40 new spells
Nearly two dozen prestige classes26 monsters
New ranger classes for each environmentNew rules for six different environments

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