Item Code: #EDN7002
Title: Wonders Out of Time
Type: Adventure Anthology
For: 1st-12th level characters
Author: Kevin Wilson
Published: 2001
Publisher: Eden Studios
Format: 48-page book
You pause in your search. Dust that has lain in these ruins for centuries claws at your throat. Lifting the wineskin to your lips you notice an oddly-shaped stone just below the ruined carvings at the edge of the ceiling. Strange, you've looked there a dozen times and never noticed in before.

A shallow symbol is etched in the stone. Brushing away the accumulated grime and dirt, you see the Merithian character for "right hand". Smiling at that hard-won bit of knowledge, you turn to your right renewed confidence in your quest. Ahead, something slithers in the shadows, and your sword seems to leap to your hand...

Wonder Out of Time presents a series of vignettes that can be used individually or together to enrich any fantasy campaign using the d20 game system. In it you'll find:

an overview of the ancient Merithian civilization
an abandoned manor filled with great and deadly secrets
an old Merithian farm infested with marauding goblinoids
hidden knowledge locked away in an ancient fortress that has become home to a group of ruthless brigands
a mysterious temple ruined by exposure, failing magical wards, and destructive beasts
a legendary library that may contain the keys to understanding the Merithians
Derimos, the fabled capital of the Merithians, now ravaged by time and guarded by its most loyal defenders
detailed information on Merithian Blood Sorcery, new items, new monsters and a new Prestige Class, the Centurion Knight


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