Item Code: #FAF2009
Title: Wondrous Items of Power
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 160-page perfect-bound hardback book
Most magical of all, the wondrous items...

Deep in the recesses of a cob-webbed basement lie the collected artifacts of an entire wizard college's many teachers. The plundered treasures of a dozen worldly adventurers is stashed here, piled in heaps or dumped in crates of bags. None of the professors have time to inventory the dust-covered trove, so naturally, they leave it to apprentices. 'Count everything and make a detailed list so we can find things later on,' they order the young wizards, but warn, 'most of what you find won't kill you, but some of it might, so be careful what you touch and how you touch it!'

A wealth of wondrous items at your fingertips!

Wondrous Items of Power delivers 63 unique magical trinkets the likes of which no fantasy adventure has ever seen! Its 160 pages give complete background details on each item, from how and why it was made to where it has been, who owns it, and who covets it now, all presented in storyteller form ideal for the game master to plug right into his game. Then all the stats for the monsters, owners, protectors, tricks, traps and what have you are given so the player characters can interact with the wondrous item's ongoing history. Remember, these magical trinkets are timeless, and the characters can now write the next chapter in their history!

Wondrous Items of Power includes:

  • 63 wondrous items, from sand timers to mirrors, ioun stones to shurikens, amulets to crystal balls. All of these are fully compatible with the d20 System, ready to drop into any fantasy campaign.
  • Every wondrous item is presented in both storyteller and statistics format. The storyteller portion five the item's history, the reasons why it is important and where it might be found. The statistics portion delivers all the item's game stats plus those of all the characters, monsters, or obstacles interwoven into its ongoing story.
  • Marvelous illustrations of every wondrous item. Each illustration is completely accurate to the actual magical item and their finely crafted replicas.
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Wondrous Items of Power is a d20 System product detailing a variety of items with startling magical powers. Marvelous stories and background information make each of these wondrous items far more than simple treasure, but the basis for entire adventures or campaigns, aided by stats for the people, places, and monsters that own or protect them. Full scale replicas of all the wondrous items in this book can be purchased online at!

About the Authors:

All thes Wondrous Items of Power were created by an award-winning design team headed up by Fast Forward's James M. Ward, Timothy Brown, and Lester Smith. Additional items sprang from the pens of Tim Beach, Nancy Beman, Anne Brown, Jonathan Cassie, Noah Dudley, Jarad Fennell, Kurt Hausheer, Michelle Lyons, and Chris Trossen. Each unique wondrous item is suitable for any fantasy campaign world.

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