Item Code: #GRR1102
Title: Wrath & Rage: A Guidebook to Orcs & Half-Orcs
Type: Accessory
Author: Jim Bishop
Published: 2002
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 80-page perfect-bound book
The biggest, meanest, dumbest race in d20 is back for another round. The orc has long been a punching bag for fantasy gamers, but not anymore! The orcs (and half-orcs) of Wrath & Rage are stronger, more savage, and more cunning than anything you've faced before. This toolkit for GMs and players is packed with new options, including:

  • Over 50 new feats, including Rage Challenging feats that let you "spend" a rage to create new types of mayhem.
  • Seven new prestige classes for GMs and players, including the Rage Smith and the Soul Gorger.
  • 4 new creatures and 3 new templates - allies and servants of the orc tribes.
  • 2 sample orcish pantheons: the Great Warband and the Patrons.
  • 9 new domains, including Savagery and Treachery, and over 20 new spells.
  • New equipment worthy of a warlord: exotic weapons, magic items, and siege engines.
  • 80 levels worth of NPC stats for Gamemasters on the go.
  • Interior illustrations by featured artist Toren "MacBin" Atkinson.
Whether you intend to use orcs against your players, or to play one yourself, Wrath & Rage guarantees that you'll never look at this ancient race the same way again.


Green Ronin Publishing
and Paradigm Concepts have teamed up to create OGL Interlink, a series of related sourcebooks for the d20 System. Initially these books will come from Paradigm's Races of Legend series and Green Ronin's Races of Renown series. If you enjoy Wrath & Rage you may want to check out Eldest Sons: The Essential Guide to Elves from Paradigm. Stop by our website for more information.

Wrath & Rage requires the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast for use. Dungeons and Dragons and Wizards of the Coast are Registered Trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, and are used with permission.

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