Item Code: #MKY1116
Title: Race to the Yellow Lotus
Type: Adventure
For: 4th-5th level characters
Author: Travis Stout
Published: 2002
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 48-page book
The Race is On!

An army on the move, an ancient artifact, its purpose long forgotten, and the sinister plans of an unknown foe: When these elements combine, it's bad news for the good-aligned cities of the Blood Plateau. A massive band of orcs is marching on the Monastery of the Yellow Lotus, intent upon taking the "Flower That Does Not Bloom." The heroes must trek through goblin-infested tunnels and monster-filled woods ahead of the orcish horde, in a deadly Race to the Yellow Lotus.

Race to the Yellow Lotus is the second adventure in the Pale Knight series. It can be played as a sequel to the Lost Outpost or as a stand alone adventure.

Race to the Yellow Lotus is a d20 System adventure suitable for characters of 4th-5th level.

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