Item Code: #9211 (AC10)
Title: Bestiary of Dragons and Giants
Type: Accessory
Published: 1987
Format: 64-page book, tri-fold perforated cardstock screen, eratta sheet
Red dragons. Storm giants. Dragon rulers. Frost giants. They're all here, in this book, in complete, ready-to-play mini-adventures. No matter what level your characters are, there is something here for you (and them).
Need a diversion? Want to spice up a long-running campaign? Want to play, but don't have more than an hour or so? This is the book for your gaming group. As DM, you have everything you'll need to play right at your fingertips. As players, you'll have challenges worthy of your characters.
This book has something for everyone.

This product includes a random spell generator for dragons, complete with instructions.

This accessory is for use with the D&D Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters, and Immortals Rules sets produced by TSR Inc. The adventures contained herein cannot be used without these rules sets.

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