Item Code: #9037 (AC6)
Title: Player Character Record Sheets
Type: Accessory
Published: 1985
Format: 48-page perforated book
You started in Basic and as your character grew, you advanced to Expert. And the game grew too, expanding into Companion and Masters rules. And your character grew right along with the game, gaining levels, equipment, magical items, and land. In fact, your character grew right out of the D&D Character Sheet you have been using for so long.

Now your character sheet can keep up to date with the game. Need a space to note weapon mastery from the Master Rules? Has your character's spellbook grown into a maze of paper scrap? Forgotten the name of your fighter's liege lord? Now you can record these on a single clear sheet with the new and expanded D&D Character Sheets. Specifically designed for use with all the D&D rulesets, these character sheets allow space for information that pertains to all the details of the growing D&D gamesystem.

The D&D Character Sheets come with 16 two-sided character sheets suitable for use with all characters, 8 Character Spellbook Planners complete with all Magic User, Cleric, and Druid spells, and a Dominion Planning Guide.

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