Item Code: #11450
Title: Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game
Type: Core Rules
Author: Bill Slavicsek
Published: 1999
Format: 2 32-page books, 8 2-page character data sheets, 2-page cardstock map/screen, "Read This First!" insert, 6 dice in mini-ziploc bag, TSR logo dice bag
Play the world's greatest game!

The classic game of fantasy returns with a new look and approach for a new generation. You control the action. You create the story. You use your imagination to enter a world of mythological monsters, heroic knights, and magical spells. You take on the role of a brave warrior, sly thief, crusading priest, or powerful wizard. You become the Dungeon Master, making the adventure come alive!

Inside this box is everything you need to start playing now. The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure Game includes two books, a Dungeon Master screen, eight hero folders, and six dice.

There's no limit to the mysteries and magic with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure Game. Powered by imagination and more interactive than any computer or video game, the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure Game is for two to nine players.

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