Item Code: #1106
Title: The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game
Type: Core Rules
Published: 1994
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book, tri-fold cardstock screen, fold-out map, 6 plastic miniatures, 24 cardstock fold-up figures, 6 dice
...the dragon lunges. Your flashing blade slices the air as searing flames burst over your shield. A lightning bolt crackles from the wizard's fingertips, then bounces harmlessly off the ancient beast's scarred and scaly hide. Will you stay and battle this deadly monster, or leave it behind with its hoard of stolen treasure.

The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game lets you and your friends create and play mighty warriors, shrewd wizards, cunning elves, and nimble thieves.

Easier than ever to learn!

A 128-page Rules and Adventures Book takes you adventuring while you learn the game!
6 molded plastic character figures.
24 standup counters featuring the awesome monsters you face.
A 6 panel DUNGEON MASTER Screen puts important rules at your fingertips.
A large, full-color Dungeon Poster Map and a complete set of Adventure Dice.

Epic Adventures with Wizards, Dragons, and Magic await
...Do you feel brave?

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