Item Code: #9271 (DDA3)
Title: Eye of Traldar
Type: Adventure
Author: Carl Sargent
Published: 1991
Format: 32-page book w/tri-fold screen

You and your companions are starting on your first adventure and you've been swept into the intrigues surrounding the infamous Black Eagle Barony. To prevent the evil Baron von Hendricks from gaining more power, you and your companions must retrieve the magical Eye of Traldar from the wizard's tower at Fort Doom. Can you escape the clutches of the armed garrison? Will the Baron gain the powerful artifact and use it for evil? YOU and your friends make the choices and affect the entire Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

This module is particularly recommended for novice Dungeon Masters and players who want to try their hand at overland adventuring.

Recommended for four to six characters, levels 1-2
Handouts and pregenerated characters provided
Suitable for use with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game Box and coventional D&D Game rules
Features simple rules on outdoors travelling for exclusive players of the D&D Game box
Adventure in the monster-filled caverns and dungeons beneath Fort Doom.

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