Item Code: 9048
Title: Dungeons Geomorphs Set One to Three: Basic Dungeons, Caves & Caverns, Lower Dungeons
Type: Accessory
Published: 1981
Format: 28-page book
This new booklet is a combination of three sets of Dungeon Geomrphs released by TSR The Game Wizards: Basic Dungeon, Caves & Caverns, and Lower Dungeons. It contains 30 square geomorphic pieces and 15 rectangular semi-geomorphic pieces that are ready to cut out and use. With only 4 of the 45 units contained within this product, Dungeon Masters can form hundreds of thousands of maps in mere seconds! No longer will a Dungeon Master be forced to spend hours upon hours drawing a dungeon level that plays through in one session - with these geomorphs Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Adventure Game players can look forward to infinite variety even though they may play more often.
When used with Dungeons & Dragons Monster and Treasure Assortment, complete dungeons can be quickly created and filled with fearsome monsters for slaying and glorious treasure for the taking - and all in less time than it used to take to complete one small level!

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