Item Code: #9434
Title: The Knight of Newts
Type: Adventure
Author: "Slade" Henson
Published: 1993
Format: 16-page book, cardstock sheet of fold-up figures, full-color fold-out map
Centuries ago in the Black Swamp, Castle Kraal was a well-respected keep. Its warriors defended the folk of Thunder Rift from the marauding bands of ogres and goblins who swarmed to attack from the Horned Hills.
And then one day the keep and all of its warriors vanished, never to be seen again. Now, all these years later, historians are still trying to find the answers to the disappearance of Castle Kraal, answers which may be hidden in Kraal's ruins. The heroes are asked to investigate and to try and solve the mystery.
Be Warned: Not every mystery wishes to be solved!

Recommended for beginning players and DMs
For use with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game Box

The Newt, A New Monster
New Color Monster Standups
New Magical Items
Color Poster Map
New Rules for Adventuring Underwater

This module allows a group of four to six players to go on a thrilling, chilling, exploration of the Black Swamps - without the help of a DUNGEON MASTER

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