Item Code: #9050 (O1)
Title: The Gem and the Staff
Type: Adventure
Author: John and Laurie Van De Graaf
Published: 1983
Format: 2 16-page books w/tri-fold cover
Your peaceful evening has been interrupted by an unusual request. As a thief, your skills are unmatched, but can you rise to the challenge of thieving for a powerful and frightening wizard? Do you have a choice?

The Gem and the Staff is a special One-on-One competition module designed for one player and one Dungeon Master. The module contains two seperate scenarios, so you can switch roles with the other player after the first adventure.

Scoring sheets and encounter summaries are provided for each adventure to make running competitions quick and simple. Character figures and a map book are also provided to help visualize the adventures. The player's maps are designed so you can see the rooms as they would appear. Complete DM's maps are also included.

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