Item Code: #9441
Title: Poor Wizard's Almanac II & Book of Facts
Type: Accessory
Author: Ann Dupuis
Published: 1993
Format: 240-page perfect-bound book, fold-out map
People and places, history past and present, armies and navies - you'll find it all in this Book of Facts. This is the second in the yearly series of almanacs providing the most comprehensive information ever published on the World of Mystara.

This new almanac provides a massive collection of world events for the game year AC1011. It picks up where the previous almanac ended, wrapping up major plots that started in the game year of AC1010, and starting new ones. Battles, skirmishes, and a host of historical events take place in a world in perpetual development, enough to fill an entire game year!

Behold the decline of the once mighty empire of Thyatis as the mysterious Alphatians rise again from the bowels of the Hollow World!

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