Item Code: #9021 (D3)
Title: Vault of the Drow
Type: Adventure
Author: Gary Gygax
Published: 6th print - 1980
Format: 28-page book
This module provides a complete setting for play of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS rules. Contained herein is background information, a large-scale referee's map with a matching partial map for players, referee's notes, special exploration and encounter pieces, a hex map detailing an enormous cavern area, a special temple map, encounter and map matrix keys, and additional sections pertaining to unique new creatures for use with this module and the game as a whole. This module can be played alone, as the conclusion module D1-2 (DESCENT INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH), or as the third module in a series which form a special extended adventure (G1-2-3 AGAINST THE GIANTS, D1-2, and Q1 QUEEN OF THE DEMONWOB PITS).

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