Item Code: #11612
Title: Diablo II: The Awakening
Type: Adventure
Author: Bruce R. Cordell and Mike Selinker
Published: 2000
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book

The two greatest fantasy games in history come together in a nonstop throwdown!

This action-packed epic takes the world of the DIABLO II computer game and translates it into the ultimate AD&D adventure. You can create AD&D heroes with a DIABLO twist or use heroes from any AD&D campaign, then send them off to challenge terrors once found only on a computer screen. The adventure starts in Tristram, the battleground of the original DIABLO game, where Diablo, Lord of Terror, rules a legion of demons. There, the heroes explore the mysterious Monastery - full of dangers and challenges pulled right from DIABLO but enhanced for your tabletop game!

Everything you could ever imagine for DIABLO II is here for your AD&D adventures:

More than a dozen hellacious dungeon levels!

Five new PC kits straight out of the computer game!

More than 100 lethal new monsters, including dozens of death-defying demons!

More than 100 new spells and proficiencies!

And - get this - over 1,000,000 new magical items for the AD&D game!

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