Item Code: #9024
Title: Dungeon Master Screen
Type: Accessory
Published: 1st print - 1979
Format: bi- and quad-fold cardstock screens
This package consists of two durable and folding cardstock screens for the DM's reference use in playing ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: an 11" 34" folder of the COMBAT AND SAVING THROW TABLES, and an 11" 17" folder of the PSIONIC COMBAT TABLES. These screens are useful for shielding maps and other game materials from the players when place upright, and also provide instant reference to the most commonly used charts and tables during play. The player's side is colorfully illustrated to help set the mood, as well as printed with tables for the more standard character classes and the WEAPONS TABLE. These folders have been laminated on both sides to protect them against common wear and tear. This (and only this) screen contains all the official AD&D statistics and tables.

Click here to see the 2nd print. Click here to see the 6th print.
Thanks to The Acaeum for print run information.

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