Item Code: #9426 (GR4)
Title: Treasure Chest
Type: Accessory
Author: Skip Williams
Published: 1994
Format: 64 loose-leaf pages
Look to your weapons! Adventure is at hand!

Treasure Chest contains 16 seperate adventures that will lead player characters across oceans, through trackless forests, and into desert wastes. Great perils and greater rewards can lurk anywhere. An adventure might present itself while player characters study a dusty puzzle box, find the lonely grave of a fellow hero, read arcane lore, or even gather the loot from a successgul expedition. One adventure leads to another.

Each adventure comes with two beautifully rendered color illustrations, one for the players and one for the DUNGEON MASTER, that provide the clues that get the action started. Also provided are rumors and folklore associated with each adventure. These adventures are adaptable for play in any AD&D game world, either as brief encounters or the beginnings of epic quests. The DM can also use any of the 32 full-color illustrations to create adventures of his or her own.

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