Item Code: #9330 (HHQ1)
Title: Fighter's Challenge
Type: Adventure
For: Single warrior, levels 2-4
Author: John Terra
Published: 1992
Format: 32-page book w/cover
Decades ago, Sturnheim was a thriving trade town on a major caravan route. But then, disaster struck when a gold-laden caravan disappeared without a trace. Financially ruined, the town slipped into decline, and now lies almost forgotten on a route that is seldom traveled anymore.
Fighter's Challenge is a new type of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure. It is designed especially for a Dungeon Master and one player - perfect for very small playing groups, for those times when the whole group can't get together, or for the player who wants his character to earn some extra experience. This adventure will provide hours of excitement for the DM and any warrior or multi-class fighter character of levels 2 to 4.

You can unravel a 40-year-old mystery and restore the honor of Sturnheim - if you have the guts!

Thanks to Derek Addis and Andreas Miebach for this information and for the scan

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