Item Code: #9454 (HHQ6 - nominal)
Title: Wizard's Challenge II
Type: Adventure
For: Single wizard character
Author: Kevin Melka
Published: 1994
Format: 32-page book w/cover
There is trouble in the frontier town of New Haven. A beast from the badlands is terrorizing the simple farmers, and reports say the creature is immune to the local militia's weapons. The baron of the land has called upon a wizard to solve what his soldiers could not. Can the skills of one player character wizard let him find and kill what a contingent of skilled warriors could not?

Wizard's Challenge II is an ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure designed for a Dungeon Master and one player character wizard. This adventure is the sixth in a series of adventures focusing on an individual character away from a regular campaign. A character will need all of the knowledge and skills available only to a wizard if he is to succeed.

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