Item Code: #9483 (HHQ8 - nominal)
Title: Cleric's Challenge II
Type: Adventure
For: Single cleric character, 4th-6th level
Author: Paul F. Culotta
Published: 1995
Format: 32-page book w/cover
Something evil is stalking the parish of Barlox.

Ten years ago, the village's temple burned to the ground and the parish priest disappeared. The temple has since been rebuilt, but life has not returned to normal. A current of fear and discontent now ripples beneath the surface of this once sleepy wine-making community. Old rivalries have turned bitter, and unwittingly unleashed a force of ancient corruption.

Cleric's Challenge II is a special ONE-ON-ONE ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure designed for a Dungeon Master and one player character cleric of 4th to 6th level. It is the eighth in a series of independant adventures focusing on an individual character of a specific class.

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