Item Code: #9104 (MV1)
Title: Midnight on Dagger Alley
Type: Adventure
Author: Merle M. Rasmussen
Published: 1984
Format: 8-page bookw/tri-fold cover, fold-out map, magic viewer
As darkness presses into the narrow, muddy alleys of Goldstar, silent shadows slip out of hiding. Now is the hour for cutpurses and cutthroats to creep into the night to do their work. Would-be victims bar their doors and lie sleepless in their dingy hovels waiting for dawn.
Your task sends you into this dismal, dangerous place after sundown. No moon lights your steps as you scurry past yowling cats in smoke, fog-filled alleys. Above you and beneath you lurk unseen encounters. Somewhere ahead in the despairing gloom lies your goal, if you can survive Midnight on Dagger Alley.

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