Item Code: #9030
Title: Non-player Character Records
Type: Accessory
Published: 1981
Format: 24-page book
At last, record sheets for non-player characters! Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Non-player Character Records are especially designed for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. No longer will the DM need to worry about lack of continuity or lost records on non-player characters, for these sheets provide the DM with easy-to-store records of many non-player personalities which populate his or her campaign.
These convenient referee aids contain all information needed to run each non-player character and his, her or its personal background. The sheets have been organized under specific headings and important, oft-consulted information is boxed in eye-catching, easy-to-find displays. These records contain information on the character's abilities, combat skills, description, posessions and background. Compact, but complete, their small size provides easy handling and more sheets. If you enjoy this product you will want to discover AD&D Player Character Records and other quality products from TSR, those Game Wizards.

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