Item Code: #9029
Title: Permanent Character Folder and Adventure Records
Type: Accessory
Published: 1981
Format: 36-page book
Look what's here! Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Permanent Character Folder and Adventure Records especially designed for use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games! These two interlocking products have been designed to eliminate those major problems which commonly plague other character records, space and durability. Organized into a special format, information is grouped together under specific and easy-to-identify sections, while the most vital and oft-consulted information is boxed with eye-catching, easy-to-find displays.
All information which remains constant for a character, as well as sufficient space for record-keeping, are provided for on the durable four-pages of the Permanent Character Folder, while all information subject to change during an adventure is recorded on seperate Adventure Records. When an adventure is ended the completed record may be stored in the Permanent Character Folder to serve as a file on past deeds of glory. If you find this product helpful you will want to look into the AD&D Player Character Records, Non-player Character Records, and our other quality products and discover why TSR is called, The Game Wizards!

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