Item Code: #9462
Title: Priest's Screen
Type: Accessory
Author: David "Zeb" Cook
Published: 1994
Format: Cover, folding mini-screen, 4 card-stock sheets
At last, gaming screens for players, too!
The Priest's Screen speeds up game play by taking the most frequently used character-specific information from the AD&D game Player's Handbook and Complete Priest's Handbook and making it instantly accessible. Now the details players need on the spot to play any kind of priest - including clerics and druids - can be right at their fingertips. The screen folds in a neat triangle that sits on the table top in front of players for at-a-glance reference.
Also enclosed are eight additional pages of valuable reference material that can be slipped into character folders. These pages feature an extensive Player's Handbook and Tome of Magic spell and spell-statistics list for clerics, a complete Turning Undead Table, and other handy tables and charts.

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