Item Code: #9458 (CR6 - nominal)
Title: Deck of Psionic Powers
Type: Accessory
Published: 1994
Format: 288 cards, 5 blank cards, cardstock seperator, cardstock storage box
The powers of the mind add a new dimension to any AD&D campaign. With the Deck of Psionic Powers, psionicists and wild talents alike have easy access to their mental abilities.

This deck features 288 cards, including all of the psionic powers from The Complete Psionic Handbook and two DARK SUN accessories: Dragon Kings and The Will and the Way. Each card contains pertinent statistics and quick-reference details that make it easy to use every power. There is also a complete set of attack and defense mode combat cards to help players and Dungeon Masters alike visualize the incredible world of psionic combat.

Whether your playing a psionicist in a DARK SUN campaign or a wild talent in another AD&D campaign setting, the Deck of Psionic Powers give you a mental edge on the competition.

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