Item Code: #9022 (S1)
Title: Tomb of Horrors
Type: Adventure
Author: Gary Gygax
Published: 2nd print - 1978
Format: 12-page book, 20-page illustration book
This module was originally used for the Official DUNGEONS & DRAGONS tournament at Origins I. The author wishes to express his thanks to Mr. Alan Lucien who was kind enough to submit the ideas for this dungeon. This version has been revised and updated to conform to ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Included herein are background information for players, including the Legend of the Tomb - as is true of all TSR DUNGEON MODULES, the location of this area is upon the Map of the World of Greyhawk (WORLD OF GREYHAWK by TSR) - DM notes, level map and matrix, player character statistics for varying numbers of participants, and over two dozen special illustrations to graphically enhance your players' enjoyment of the adventure, as the drawings are keyed to various scenes and encounters iin the Tomb.

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