Item Code: #9033 (S3)
Title: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
Type: Adventure
Author: Gary Gygax
Published: 1st print - 1980
Format: 32-page book, 36-page illustration book w/double-cover
This module was the official DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Tournament scenario at Origins II. The author wishes to express his thanks to Mr. Robert Kuntz who contributed substantial ideas for the various encounters herein. This version has been carefully revised and updated to conform to ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Included herein are background information for players, statistics for a party substantially the same as that used for the tournament, DM notes, six level maps with encounter matrices, and numerous full color illustrations of scenes from the adventure in order to enhance the enjoyment of participants. There are also many new and special monsters designed for this scenario, and they appear nowhere else. This module is located upon the Map of the World of Greyhawk (WORLD OF GREYHAWK from TSR).

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