Item Code: #9120 (UK4)
Title: When a Star Falls
Type: Adventure
Author: Graeme Morris
Published: 1984
Format: 32-page book w/double-cover
The power of prophecy is given to few. Wise are they who guard this gift well, for those who thirst after such knowledge are not always men of principle.
Bastion of destiny, the Tower of the Heavens stands silhouetted against the star-studded night sky. From within his darkened observatory, perched like an eyrie on the highest turret, a figure in white charts the course of a shooting-star as it disappears behind the snow-capped peaks of the Tegefed mountains.
The old man smiles grimly to himself; the event foretold has come to pass!
Power, glory, riches - it takes years to acquire them. The uncanny accuracy of their predictions has brought all these and more to the sages of the Tower of the Heavens. But what is hard to win is often easier to lose, and the future of the tower now hangs in the balance.
For it is written that the day of reckoning draws nearer when a star falls....

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