Item Code: #9151 (UK7)
Title: Dark Clouds Gather
Type: Adventure
Author: Jim Bambra & Phil Gallagher
Published: 1985
Format: 28-page book w/tri-fold cover
Storms frequently blown from the Cloudscape Mountains, but never one like this. For weeks it has hung over the peaks, casting its dark shadow across the land. Its huge black clouds billow and writhe in an effort to smother the sun. Once so picturesque and enchanting, the Cloudscape Mountains have taken on a sinister appearance.
Fear now stalks the land. A malignant entity is growing and festering high in the mountain peaks. With dark tendrils it reaches out towards the lowlands. No one is safe, caravans are not arriving at the village of Lurneslye. It is only a matter of time before the villagers fall prey to the dark and the evil they conceal.
Powerful adventurers of levels 7-9, are urgently sought to banish the darkness. The sun must again shine in a clear blue sky and soon. Once the dark clouds have fully gathered, who knows what may be unleashed across the land?

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