Item Code: #11383
Title: Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms Setting
Type: Accessory
Author: Bill Slavicsek
Published: 1999
Format: 208-page perfect-bound hardback book
Create mighty dragon player characters
for the AD&D game!

Imagine that you are a dragon - possessing amazing abilities, deadly breath weapons, claws like long swords, and teeth like daggers.

This Campaign Option provides everything you need to create a campaign for dragon player characters, dragon kindred, half-dragons, and dragon slayers.

Every page has been updated and expanded from the original COUNCIL OF WYRMS boxed set and includes:
Rules for creating dragon and kindred PCs
Campaign details revealing the secrets behind dragonkind
New kits for dragon PCs
A series of adventures designed to challenge the strongest dragon characters
A 16-page full-color section illustrating dragon size comparisons
Details on all 15 metallic, chromatic, and gem dragons

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