Item Code: #2105 (MC4)
Title: Monstrous Compendium DragonLance Appendix
Type: Accessory
Published: 1989
Format: 96 loose five-hole punched pages, 3-ring D-binder, 4 cardstock dividers, cardstock box
This volume of the exciting Monstrous Compendium series brings you the unique creatures of Krynn: astral dragons, Krynn minotaurs, the various races and tribes of dwarves and elves, knights of Solamnia, kender, and dozens of other creatures and monsters from both Ansalon and the new continent of Taladas. Ninety-six pages in all, plus four full-color dividers with identification tabs. The three-ring binder holds these monsters, and has room for the monster sheets from two more Monstrous Compendium expansions.

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