Item Code: #2424 (DSM3)
Title: Marauders of Nibenay
Type: Adventure
Author: William W. Connors
Published: 1993
Format: 16-page book, 2 48-page flip books
When the brides of death become the marauders of Nibenay,
When the dead must die and the unsleeping must wake,
Then the Dragon shall be born anew.

For centuries the Veiled Alliance has been a thorn in the side of the mighty sorceror-king Nibenay. Now the stars are right and the mysterious Shadow King has decided to rid himself of his unremitting rivals. But the Veiled Alliance is not easily defeated. They too have been watching the stars, and they know that the history of the great city has reached a crucial juncture. Both sides stand ready for a great battle, but neither is prepared for the disaster that looms over the city. By the time the sun rises again, the city will be in ruins and the task of rebuilding it will fall squarely on the shoulders of a small band of adventurers. The future is theirs to decide, for good or evil.

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