Item Code: (EMH2)
Title: Pirate's Bounty and the Isle of Fire
Type: Adventure
For: 4-5 1st-level characters
Author: Greg Marks
Published: 2005
Format: 24-page book
"X" Marks the Spot

When a pirate attack cripples a Lyrandar trader ship, the only respite is a volcanic island hiding the treasure of the long-dead buccaneer. But finding Captain Jahk Seether's treasure won't be easy. The island's steaming jungles and smoldering mountain are home to dangerous natives who worship blood, fire and ancient evil.

Pirate's Bounty and the Isle of Fire is an adventure for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game. It can either be played as a stand-alone adventure, or as part of the MARK OF HEROES campaign offered by the RPGA. Designed to challenge 1st-level D&D heroes who are on the hunt for a hidden treasure on a dangerous tropical island.

To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide and the Monster Manual. This adventure is set in the Eberron game world, and it may also be useful, but not necessary, to also have a copy Eberron Campaign Setting.

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