Item Code: #21516
Title: More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
Type: Accessory
Author: Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman (Editors)
Published: 2000
Format: 256-page perfect-bound book
A New Bill of Fare

Welcome, guest, to our inn.

To celebrate the coming of a new age to Krynn, we have devised a menu of succulent dishes we hope you will enjoy. Take a seat in your favorite booth. Order a mug of your favorite beverage. Meet new friends and share past times with old ones. Here are songs for the singing and good food for the eating.

Your proprietors, Caramon and Tika Majere.

More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home

Inside this volume you will find articles on many subjects, including:
Qué-Shu divination practices
Lord Gunthar's Last Will and Testament
Fashions of Krynn
And as always, music, recipes, kender sayings, and much more.

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