What's the point?

This site is dedicated to cataloging the Dungeons & Dragons game produced by TSR. Basically it is something I thought should already be out there, but after much searching without any success, I decided to just do it myself. Ideally it can serve as a checklist and a reference guide for both players and collectors alike. It is an ongoing project, and is updated as I have time. If you are aware of any errors I have made or items that have been missed please feel free to e-mail me at mumentoast@yahoo.com.
Do you sell any of these items?

As a general rule, no. Everything you see here is part of my own personal collection. Occasionally I end up with extras of some items - they usually go out on eBay, which I recommend for those of you searching for out of print gaming. I also highly recommend Noble Knight Games.
Do you buy any items?

There are a few hard to find items I'm currently looking for:
  • Ghost Tower of Inverness - limited edition
  • ST1 Up the Garden Path
  • Jade Hare - with cover
  • Many various foreign items - very high interest in Japanese releases
  • RPGA items and other TSR-related merchandise (not the action figures, though)
If you have any of these that you are interested in getting rid of (or something else oddball and hard to find) please let me know.
When are you going to post Item X?

At this point I've pretty much scanned every item I own. I welcome submissions for items that do not currently have scans or information listed.
Why isn't Item X listed in Section Y?

Basically, if a product has a game world logo on it, you'll find it in that game world's section; if not, then it will be in the general section. So an adventure that is established in a certain world (such as Against the Giants) will be in the regular AD&D section because is doesn't actually have a Greyhawk logo on it.

Right now all of the first and second edition AD&D items are all lumped together, though I may split them up at some point in the future. Likewise all of the D&D items are all together including original D&D, Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal and Challenger series.
What's your deal? Have you no life?

Actually, yes, I have an overwhelmingly full life...that's why its taken me so long to get everything posted. I have a job, a wife and four young children. I work on the site a half an hour here and an hour there. Though I haven't had the time to play in several years, I enjoy keeping up with all of the new material.
So why bother?

As hokey as it may sound, I enjoy giving something back to the role-playing community that has given me so much. When all's said and done, more than anything else, RPGs are about fun, friendship and fond memories that will last a lifetime. Yes, Greg, you can mock me now. ;)

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