Item Code: #1111
Title: Elminster's Ecologies
Type: Accessory
Published: 1994
Contents: See below
An Excerpt from
An Investigation into the Natural Systems of Organisms and Their Surroundings,
by Elminster of Shadowdale

The world is vast and varied, comprising towering mountains, dense jungles, and sprawling seas. There are regions so cold that their snow never melts, others so hot that their rain turns to steam as it touches the ground.
It is this variety of environments that accounts for the variety of life. In my travels I have noted 73 distinct types of pine trees.... I estimate the number of fishes at well over five thousand. The number of insect species likely exceeds the number of grains of sand on the shores of Dragon Reach.
Every environment, no matter how hostile to humankind, is compatible with some form of life. The diversity and adaptability of organisms are staggering....

Within this box are nine booklets. Eight of them, each written by an expert in the area, describe various ecological niches on the continent of Faerūn. Begin by reading the Explorer's Manual, which:

introduces the reader to the organization of the eight area-specific booklets.

contains the whole of the above excerpt from Elminster's work-in-progress about Realmsian biodiversity, and

provides color-coded encounter tables for the eight other booklets along with instructions for their use.

Would-be travelers are advised to read well the information presented by the Sage of Shadowdale and his eight compatriots, and to memorized the Rules of the Rabbit. There are only three: A rabbit isn't always a rabbit. A rabbit doesn't want to be rich. A rabbit doesn't always stay put. An explantion? You'll find it in the Explorer's Manual. Read on, thou hearty adventurer.

Piece CodeTitle/DescriptionFormat
1111XXX1501Explorer's Manual32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1502Cormanthor32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1503Anauroch32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1504Coastal Aquatic Lands: The Sea of Fallen Stars32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1505The Cormyrean Marshes32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1506The Stonelands and the Goblin Marches32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1507The Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1508The Great Gray Land of Thar32-page book (no cover)
1111XXX1509The Settled Lands32-page book (no cover)

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