Item Code: #9233 (FR5)
Title: The Savage Frontier
Type: Accessory
Author: Paul Jaquays
Published: 1988
Format: 64-page book, 2 full-color fold-out maps
North of Waterdeep, the land is cold, vast, and forbidding. The Trackless Sea stretches northward for what seems like forever, interrupted only by the occasional island and, eventually, the ice. On land, towns and villages flourish right up to the Spine Of The World Mountains. It takes a special kind of person to live up here, a determined person used to hardship, a survivor. A person with a great love for life and a great respect for the forces - both natural and unnatural - that can end it.
The Savage Frontier is now fully detailed for your roleplaying campaign. The cultures, personalities, economics, cities, towns, and wilderness are described for an AD&D campaign of any size or level. From the barbarian tribes of the far north to the exciting land where adventures can be found anywhere. And, of course, it's all part of the best-selling Forgotten Realms Campaign Set, home to many other AD&D modules, source-books, and even novels!

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