Item Code: #8442
Title: The Forgotten Realms Atlas
Type: Accessory
Author: Karen Wynn Fonstad
Published: 1990
Format: 176-page perfect-bound book
TORIL...Visit the exciting and fantastic world of the Forgotten Realms. Join adventures renowned as they trek across Toril in the detailed, beautifully illustrated atlas. Ride with the Ffolk in the magical Moonshae Isles. Brave the brutal elements of Icewind Dale. Follow the gods as they wreak destruction from the Dales to Waterdeep. Watch as empires of East and West collide. Karen Wynn Fonstad, author of "The Atlas of the Dragonlance World", "The Atlas of Middle Earth", "The Atlas of Pern, and "The Atlas of the Land", now brings you the spectacular and dynamic settings of the Forgotten Realms.
Thanks to Kurt Ference for this information and to Denis Conruyt for the scan.

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